The Beginning of Wisdom – Chapter 4

(This explains matters corresponding to the Sefirot and the interrelationships between them.)

98.  There are five general levels of the soul; Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah, Chaya, and Yechidah.  Each of these subdivides into five subsequent levels, as follows; Nefesh of Nefesh, Ruach of Nefesh, Neshama of Nefesh, Chaya of Nefesh, and Yechidah of Nefesh.  This principle applies to all five general levels.  These five levels correspond to the Sefirot as follows;

            Nefesh corresponds to Malchut,

Ruach, to the six Sefirot of Zeir Anpin,

Neshama to Binah,

Chaya to Chochmah,

and Yechidah to Keter.

99. Sometimes the Sefirot are allegorically called by the names of these corresponding levels of the soul.

100.  There are many units of seven which correspond to the seven lower Sefirot through which the world is conducted.[1] (The three upper Sefirot being presently concealed);

Chesed corresponds to Wisdom

Gevurah to Wealth,

Tiferet to Offspring,

Netzach to Life,

Hod to Dominion,

Yesod to Peace,

and Malchut to Grace.

101.  There are seven directions;

South corresponds to Chesed,

North to Gevurah,

East to Tiferet,

Up to Netzach,

Down to Hod,

West to Yesod,

and Center to Malchut.

There are seven heavenly bodies;[2]

The moon corresponds to Chesed

Mars to Gevurah

The Sun to Tiferet

Venus to Netzach

Mercury to Hod

Saturn to Yesod

and Jupiter to Malchut.

There are seven orifices in the head;

The right eye corresponds to Chesed,

The right ear to Gevurah,

The right nostril to Tiferet,

The left eye to Netzach,

The left ear to Hod,

The left nostril to Yesod,

and the mouth to Malchut.

There are seven heavens;

Aravot (ערבות) corresponds to the three upper Sefirot, Keter, Chochmah, and Binah[3].

Ma’on (מעון) to Chesed,

Mechon (מכון) to Gevurah,

Zevul (זבול) to Tiferet,

Shechakim (שחקים) to Netzach and Hod[4],

Rakiah (רקיע) to Yesod,

and Veelon (וילון) to Malchut,

There are seven days in the week;

Sunday corresponds to Chesed,

Monday to Gevurah,

Tuesday to Tiferet,

Wednesday to Netzach,

Thursday to Hod,

Friday to Yesod,

and Shabbos to Malchut.

There are seven wildernesses within which the children of Israel sojourned;

The wilderness of Eitam (מדבר איתם) corresponds to Chesed,

The wilderness of Shor (מדבר שור) to Gevurah,

The wilderness of Sin (מדבר סין) to Tiferet,

The wilderness of Paran (מדבר פארן) to Netzach,

The wilderness of Tzin (מדבר צין) to Hod,

The wilderness of Kadmut (מדבר קדמות) to Yesod,

The wilderness of Sinai (מדבר סיני) to Malchut.

There are seven weeks of the Omer, seven years of the Shemitah, and seven Shemitot of the Yovel.[5]

102.  Accordingly there are seven corresponding metals;

Silver corresponds to Chesed,

Gold to Gevurah[6],

Bronze to Tiferet,

Tin to Netzach,

Lead to Hod,

Mercury to Yesod,

and Iron to Malchut.

Everything that exists has a correlation to one or more of the Sefirot.  This includes animal, vegetable and mineral, as well as the sequence of time.  Each millennium in history corresponds to a specific Sefirah.  Since the mitzvot also correspond to the Divine conducts, each one affects its respective Sefirah.

103. Through the contemplation of three matters; the order of the worlds, the concept of time, and the nature of man, one may arrive at an understanding of the Divine conducts.  In Sefer Yetzirah these are called “World”, “Year”, and “Soul”, (עש”ן  or עולם שנה נפש).

(104, 105, and 106 are redundant in that they are charts of the above. Therefore, they have been omitted)

[1] Sefer Yetzirah, Chapter 4 and commentary of Gra there.

[2] Even though there are more heavenly bodies, nonetheless these are the essential ones to astrology since they may be observed by the naked eye.

[3] The word Aravot is plural and therefore represents several sefirot.

[4] The word Shechakim is likewise plural. It therefore represents two sefirot.

[5] Sefer Yetzirah, Chapter 4.

[6] According to the Maharshal gold sometimes corresponds to Chesed.

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