On Divine Inspiration – Chapter 43

Now, my beloved brothers and friends; all those who are fully with me to the very depths of their souls and attentively heed the words of the Living G_d in truth and faithfulness; in whose hearts there is no “root producing gall and wormwood[1] nor view my words in a negative light, heaven forbid. I speak especially to you whohave known and been familiar with me from my youth. Please believe that all these words have been said from the very core of my heart, as they actually are in my heart and soulwithin the essential nature of my being, just as I was trained from my youth with the daily guidance of my father, master, teacher and rabbi, of blessed memory.

No one should, G_d forbid, say that there are matters here that are still hidden, that are only revealed to the discreet few or that many matters were only written on a surface level, in order to make it possible for novices, who have yet to be familiarized with the truth of the matter, to have some understanding etc. For these are the evil words of people who desire to be arrogant and to acquire fame for themselves by saying, “I have the secret” and that, “Not everyone can know these matters” etc. Worse, they attribute it all to me!

By the life of my soul, I swear in truth and honesty: In everything that I have explained to you, there is not even half an utterance that did not come out of the core of my soul. All my words are readily accessible and understandable to anyone who has experienced the flavor of the teachings of Chassidus from his youth. It all is in accordance to how I was trained from my youth, for more than twenty years, in the holy sanctuary of my father, master, teacher and rabbi, of blessed memory.

He enlightened me concerning all the detailed afflictions of the members of our Chassidic brotherhood. Furthermore, I have personally examined the heart of each one and the error of each one, to the limit of my power of perception. It is upon this foundation that I have built these words. Whosoever wishes to heed them, should listen attentively. I await your response through our distinguished friend [the messenger of this letter]. If all these words of truth that are for your eternal good are willingly accepted, my soul will have been revived.

The words of your friend, who truly seeks goodness for your souls with all my heart and soul, all the days of my life,

Dovber, the son of the Rav, my father, master, teacher and rabbi, the true G_dly genius, the crown and glory of Israel, our master and teacher, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of blessed memory, whose soul reposes in the supernal heights. May his merit shield us. Amen.

[1] Deuteronomy 29:17

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