On Divine Inspiration – Chapter 42

Subsequent to all these words of truth on all the various categories of spiritual levels found within our Chassidic brotherhood, each person should recognize his own place and level and take care not to delude himself by going after that which is too great for him, as written, “Who will ascend the mountain  of HaShem etc.[1] Obviously, if he does not try to live up to levels that are beyond him, he will not fall from them.

     Also, a person should neither take account of the evil of his fellow, nor envy his goodness and level of spiritual achievement, because each person has his own special place and mission. Rather, each person should behave according to the essence of who he is (He should be natural, rather than mimic others).

If time permits, there is much to be said in a way of open rebuke concerning bad habits common amongst our Chassidic brotherhood that have developed over time out of error. “The whole people have sinned in error.”[2] May HaShem atone for the remnant of survivors to be found, who still seek closeness to G_d.

There is also much to be said concerning the principle of fulfilling the mitzvah of studying Torah for its own sake in several different ways. This too is concealed, even amongst most men of understanding and knowledge, not to mention the youth and the newer Chassidim. Other subjects that need clarification are the matter of mitzvoth in all their details and the general principles of the mitzvoth of tzedakah and acts of loving kindness. Another matter that needs clarification is whether it is permissible to be occupied in earning a livelihood to the depths of one’s heart, so that one spends all his days totally sunken in vanity; this being the main cause for the spiritual fall of most of our Chassidic brotherhood, whether they are great or small, new or old (until a spirit from above shall be poured upon them to revive their souls and to awaken them from their slumber etc.) This is the chief reason for the exile, which is known as “sleep”, as the verse states, “We will be like dreamers.”[3] This is sufficient for those of understanding.             

[1] Psalms 24:3

[2] Numbers 15:26

[3] Psalms 126:1

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