On Divine Inspiration – Chapter 4

However, my dear friends, because I am constrained by a great lack of time and by preoccupation with other pressing matters, how very physically difficult this great task is upon me! If HaShem will grant me a tranquil soul, strengthening my heart and mind from the pressures of the times that have befallen us and if we merit that the holy spirit of my father, master, teacher and rabbi, of blessed memory, whose soul reposes in Eden, will come to my aid and strengthen me (for “who am I” etc.), then I will willingly take this pure service upon myself, especially at this time when we have neither father nor mentor and each man throws off the yoke,  going his own way.

Every person, whether great or small, knows the negative changes that have occurred within his soul in matters of Chassidus since the passing of the light of Israel, the breath of our nostrils, my father, master, teacher and rabbi, of blessed memory, whose soul reposes in the supernal treasure houses, in that the fear of G_d is no longer before our very eyes – each person according to his capacity etc. It is clearly observable from the greatest to the smallest, that arousal in matters of Chassidus has become weakened and diminished. This is also due to great preoccupation with business matters.

May HaShem have mercy upon his people and bless them with success and sustenance in all their endeavors and may He triple His blessings upon them in every way. However, if anyone should find success in his endeavors, let not his heart become haughty saying, “My own power and the strength of my hand accomplished all this greatness for me.”[1] His heart should not be buoyed up by all the goodness, thus forgetting the service of the heart, heaven forbid. About this scripture states, “Give me neither poverty nor riches etc.”[2] G_d willing, I shall send you a special pamphlet on this subject, as mentioned above.

Therefore, I have resolved in my soul to consider the ultimate consequences and results of all the above, rather than only the spiritual condition that people stand on now, lest, heaven forbid, they descend further, until the teachings of Chassidus become altogether forgotten, heaven forbid. Consequently, there is very great pity and compassion upon them, more than words can be express.

I speak for myself only. My nature is faithfully known from my youth that I do not desire to make myself great or to acquire the title of “Rav”, for I recognize my place all too well; nor will I a wrap myself in a mantel that is unbefitting of me, all the days of my life. Rather, I speak out of love for their souls, which were always bound to the holy soul and spirit of my father, master, teacher and rabbi of blessed memory, all these many years, lest the cords of their hearts become severed from the ways of HaShem that he led them on for many years etc. This is sufficient for those of understanding.

[1] Deuteronomy 8:17

[2] Proverbs 30:8

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