On Divine Inspiration – Chapter 37

The fourth category constitutes those people that are men of “heart that results from the talent of listening”, mentioned above. This is the “listening ear” that entersthe heart and causes it to become emotionally excited, rather than a mere listening of the ear etc. Now, here there are many different types. With one type, as soon as the person becomes excited in his heart, the talent of listening with expansiveness immediately recedes (whether this is in regard to his contemplation or whether it is in regard to what he sees in manuscripts and holy books). Because of this he does not delve into the ultimate length, breadth and depth of the subject to the extent that he should. Rather, he bases it all on one angle of understanding in a form of a summary that is readily acceptable to him.

Now, this evil sickness causes him to lose everything. Ultimately, he is left with nothing. Not only does he lose the essential point, but more so, he loses his gain with his loss, in that he will even lose the little that he retained. It can never endure, since, as known, it is impossible to have the emotional vitality of the heart without the influence of the intellect. In the end he is left with heart minus intellect.

Therefore, surely, anyone who truly desires closeness to G_d in his soul should see to it not to become impressed by the excitement of his heart, taking no notice of it at all. On the contrary, by not doing so, the resulting excitement will actually strengthen his power of contemplation to delve to the ultimate breadth and depth of the subject. Nor should one err by invalidating and prohibiting this excitement, heaven forbid. Rather, he should see to it that its depth and length are not diminished. This is defined as “The heart being drawn after the mind” (the heart is into the mind).

This is similar to a person who is emotionally excited about a good business deal or the like. Though the emotions of his heart ascend into the thoughts of his mind, he is unaware of it. Quite the contrary, it actually strengthens his mind to think about the business with greater breadth and depth etc. (However, this is not yet the above mentioned aspect of the intention of the mind itself. Rather, the excitement of the heart becomes included and unified with the mind.)

However, this specifically applies to those people that are quickly aroused to excitement after contemplating or listening to something that is good in their eyes etc. (This could be to such an extent that the excitement could overpower the contemplation without his being aware of the source of the excitement, as known.) As mentioned above, for such people it is very easy to bring the excitement of the heart completely to the mind.

However, within this type there could be an opposite sub-category. That is, that even during intellectual excitement, there is somewhat of a delay, at which time the excitement has yet to be drawn down to the heart until it undergoes proper gradation and settling of the mind, as known. In such people, some difference between the mind and heart develops, in that they do not dwell together as one. Rather, when excitement reaches the heart, the excitement of the mind almost comes to a complete halt. The result is that the heart alone becomes excited, just that it was born of the mind (This is called the “Therefore” etc.) Conversely, when their intellect becomes excited there is an absence of heartfelt excitement.

Because of this it is possible for there to be intermediate levels within this sub-category, in which there is a greater degree of heartfelt excitement than intellectual excitement or, vice versa, a greater degree of intellectual excitement than heartfelt excitement. (Other than the fact that it is in summary form, the advantage here is that one recognizes what caused his excitement, unlike the above mentioned people who are quick to having heartfelt excitement. In their case, one could become so emotionally excited with flames of burning fire that he will become incapable of recognizing what it is that caused his excitement etc.) Either way, all these are in an aspect of excessive revelation of excitement, which is heartfelt excitement, only that in one he is not so aware of self because it ascends to the heart, whereas in the other he has a greater awareness of self. In truth, the one is unlike the other etc.

Herein we have true counsel on how to maintain the natural love and fear of HaShem that result from the “Therefore” of the intellect, in an enduring way. It is specifically when it comes in an inner aspect, from the depths of the heart, with true love and desire and great attraction to HaShem or with the excitement of longing for Him with many flames of burning fire. Likewise, this can come about from the opposite emotions of powerful heartfelt bitterness over that which opposes G_dliness. All this is not the case when the excitement is in a passing way (very superficial and deluded). Then, the excitement totally dissipates and passes in little more than a moment. All this is tried and tested, as known to those who have sought counsel concerning this. This is sufficient for those of understanding.

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