On Divine Inspiration – Chapter 27

The second, higher level is a more inner aspect, higher than the above mentioned aspect of Nefesh, which is merely the practice of doing good deeds through the precepts. This is the aspect of Ruach which is higher than the aspect of Nefesh, corresponding to what was said above concerning the second level of the natural soul, which is the excitement of the “Good Thought” (listening very well).

This may be understood by way of example from what we find in regard to the exodus from Egypt. The entire people, including women and children, departed as a result of the simple faith in their souls and trust in HaShem. Though at first, due to impatience, they did not listen to Moshe, nonetheless, once they calmed down they believed with an inner illumination of vitality, through the essential Divine spirit that was embedded and rooted in their Divine souls, as mentioned above. When they all left Egypt it was with full enthusiasm, with inner thought and desire (listening strongly).

This is called, “Being profoundly moved”, corresponding to what was said above concerning the aspect of a “Good Thought”, like the example of something that very much relates to him, mentioned above. The result is that it comes in a way of inner excitement with much moreillumination and vitality than the “Dispassionate Thought” hidden in the act of desisting from evil and doing good, without any vitality – even though this “Good Thought” only applies to action – in their case, to leaving Egypt.

About this the verse states, “I will recall for you the kindness of your youth”[1] – meaning the “love” of your youth when you followed Me from Egypt, even though it was in an aspect of the diminished awareness of simply leaving the darkness of Egyptian impurity and entering the great light etc. But the fact that “you followed Me”, though it was beyond reason and knowledge, came from the essence and nature of your Divine souls. This is similar to a toddler who follows his father around with such intense enthusiasm that no one can separate him from his father etc. The only reason for this is the Divine spirit within the community of Israel which causes them to be drawn to pursue the Divine source from which they were hewn, literally like a nature etc.

[1] Jeremiah 2:2

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