On Divine Inspiration – Chapter 21

Now, we must first preface with an astonishing observable phenomenon. When two people hear a specific matter on the topic of G_dliness, there are different types of excitement that take place in the Divine soul when the natural soulcomprehends it. One person may have the talent of listening and be moved by the comprehension itself (that he understands) due to the explanations of the concept itself. This is to say that he is moved to excitement because of the vast explanation of the many components of the topic; explanations that are very rational and in accordance to human intellect, so much so, that they are grasped and assimilated by his mind very well.  Here, his excitement essentially only comes from the explanation.

     One the other hand, the other person may be immediately moved to excitement by the G_dliness in the concept. Here the talent is greater, because the entire explanation is included in it, so much so, that he can anticipate the whole vast explanation by himself. This is because he is immediately moved by the distillation of the G_dliness in the concept, thus bringing about an automatic understanding of the vast explanation with immeasurably greater length, breadth and depth.

(However, there is a level that is very inferior in this regard. This is when a person is only moved to excitement by the, so called, “spirituality” of the concept, but, in truth, it is only a delusion from the power of imagination in the understanding[1] of his soul. This is far lower than comprehension and is the source cause of the potential to have false imaginations. In other words, it is either because of confusion of the mind or because of the overheating of the passions of the blood, until a person can lead himself very much astray, exchanging light for darkness and darkness for light, turning truth on its head and confusing and mixing truth and false with each other. This error is very common amongst the members of our Chassidic brotherhood. They imagine this to be the above mentioned Divine excitement that stems from the explanation of the concept being comprehended, which is higher than the comprehension itself. However, in reality, the distance between the two is like the distance between one extreme and the other, like the difference between day and night, literally. This is sufficient for those of understanding.)

The indicator for this is that he will have great discernment into the distillation and most inner depth of the concept being comprehended, which arises from all the details of the explanation through analogy or the like. Specifically from this he will arrive at an aspect of length, breadth and depth and will be capable of understanding one thing from another with a tremendous expansion of the concept – many times greater than the words of explanation that he heard or saw written.

Such is not the case with someone who only has what he intellectually grasped of what he heard or saw written. In him, it all remains as it was. Moreover, these concepts remain as raw material without form, and over time they slowly recede and become distant to him, until they totally dwindle and all that remains of them is just the general idea minus its essential core. On the contrary, all that remains is only the external aspect.

In such a case, even if he remembers the general idea because he reviews and accustoms himself to it daily, nonetheless, it will, literally, be devoid of any vitality of Divine light illuminating his soul through its comprehension. Rather, it will be similar to a person who remembers matters of the world. This is because he never felt the illumination of Divine light in his soul from this comprehension.

(There is also an additional error common in the Chassidic brotherhood. There are those who immediately become excited over the distillation of the essence within the comprehension of the explanation and theyimagine that this is from the G_dliness of the comprehension. Such a person will therefore not tolerate any further explanation and will have no desire for it. Many people fall into this false imagination, when in reality, this is not at all the result of comprehending G_dliness. Rather, it is because of the nature imbedded in the Divine soul of Jews (natural piety) – that without any reason or knowledge they become excited about G_dliness. This is the smallest aspect of the Nefesh, which is the lowest level of the Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah, Chaya and Yechidah of the Divine soul, as will be explained. However, the above mentioned talent to feel the G_dliness in the comprehension is the Chassidic talent of that comprehension, which is its Heyulie aspect[2] (The distilled essence). It is like a liquid made of many ingredients which are distilled into an essence that many drinks may be poured from, as known. This is called “Simple Matter” or “Heyulie matter”, as known. This is sufficient for those of understanding.)

[1] Binah

[2] For a fuller explanation of the “Heyulie” see our book “The Knowledge of G_d” or our commentary on “Shaar HaYichud” of the Mittler Rebbe.

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