On Divine Inspiration – Chapter 20

We now need to understand the difference between the excitement of the Divine soul within the comprehension that the natural soul comprehends and the excitement of the natural soul itself etc. It was explained above in regard to the intellectual comprehension of the natural soul of a G_dly matter that someone hears from another, that, as of yet, he does not at all become excited etc. Only afterwards, through effort, he may become excited from the summary etc.

The very fact that a minute or two transpired in which he did not become excited from the comprehension itself, indicates that the G_dliness in this comprehension is very hidden in it. He therefore only possesses the matter of hearing the concept, in and of itself, without it being related to him, because the Divine light in this comprehension is distant from him. This is so much so, that specifically with effort a tiny glimmer of it may radiate to him. Moreover, this glimmer is only an abbreviation and distillation of the concept, in that his excitement is merely an acknowledgement, as mentioned above. (Moreover, the essential light is distant here, since the excitement comes in the form of a “Therefore”, as mentioned above.)

Even if he becomes excited in thought from the comprehension itself, such as the above mentioned “Good Thought” (and even higher than this, the above mentioned intention itself, which is called “Intellectual fear and love of the natural soul”, which is an excitement that results from the essence (rather than what is called the “Therefore”, in which comprehension without excitement has already subsided, as mentioned above) but immediately when he comprehends  the concept itself, not only does he become excited, but the excitement is not at all separate from that which is being comprehended etc.) all of which indicate that G_dliness is not so hidden in this comprehension – nonetheless, it all is an aspect of G_dliness hidden within the garment of Nogah, specifically within the comprehension of the Binah of this soul of Nogah etc.

This is in no way comparable to the aspect of the essential Divine illumination that radiates in the Binah and comprehension of the Divine soul invested in the comprehension of the natural soul. This is because it has a glimmer of the essential Divine light of the comprehension of Binah of the Divine soul as it delights in the essential Divine radiance in the Garden of Eden, without any filter or concealment at all, as mentioned above. Because of this the excitement in this comprehension of the Divine soul is actually also called by the term “Divine Excitement”, rather than the excitement of something separate which is other than G_dly, such as the excitement of the natural soul when it comprehends.

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