On Divine Inspiration – Chapter 15

From all the above, the particulars and categories of this general principle are clearly understood. This is the excitement of the mind and heart which, foremost, is specifically the product of preparation; this being contemplation until the fifth level, which itself is the intention of Insight and Comprehension [Chochmah and Binah] that subsequently illumines the emotions of the heart too.

Now, the first level mentioned above, in which one only desires excitement devoid of Divine contemplation altogether, is close to the alien fire, mentioned above. This level is not the fire of HaShem and cannot be enumerated as part of the five levels.

As known, the five levels correspond to the five levels of the soul, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah, Chaya and Yechidah. The aspect of Nefesh relates to action. This is the aspect of the resolve to act in accordance to G_d’s will alone. It comes about from the aspect of “Acknowledgement” and is simply called, “Thought”, as mentioned above. Thus, it is only considered to be on the Nefesh level.

The aspect of Ruach, which has greater vitality, is the aspect of the excitement of the “Good Thought” mentioned above, as in the verse, “HaShem examines the spirits.”[1] This is the aspect of “Listening well” in thought, as mentioned above, and as in the verse, “But in truth, it is a spirit in man.”[2]

However, the aspect of the Neshamah is the aspect of the illumination of the brains of Chochmah and Binah [Insight and Comprehension] in the emotions of the heart, thus excitingthe heart with a greater degree of illumination and vitality, as mentioned above. About this the verse states, “The soul that is of the Almighty gives them understanding.”[3] Binah specifically corresponds to the heart etc. This is also the meaning of the verse, “HaShem examines the hearts etc.”[4]

The aspect of Chaya is within Chochmah and Binah themselves, as they are, before having spread out into the excitement of the heart, which is caused by them, as mentioned above. This is called “Intention” etc.

     Lastly, the aspect of the Yechidah is the true fifth level. This is the aspect of the essential simple desire which is totally higher than reason and intellect. This is because, “A desire has no reason” at all, as known.                  

[1] Proverbs 16:2

[2] Job 32:8

[3] Job 32:8

[4] Proverbs 16:2

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