Mezuzah Placement

By Rabbi Chaim Chazzan


The halachos of mezuzah placement are numerous and complex and unfortunately many homes have the mezuzos placed incorrectly, causing them to be invalid[1]. For this reason it has been long recommended[2] that one review each doorway in the home with one proficient in these halachos.

Here are a few common issues:

1) Doorway between Rooms: The mezuzah must be placed on the right side entering the room. In many instances it is unclear which way is “entering” (e.g. a doorway between a kitchen and dining room, or between a dining room and living room). In such a case the mezuzah is affixed on the right side, coming from the direction which is usually the starting point[3]. When this is unascertainable, the mezuzah should be placed on the right side when entering the more significant of the two rooms[4] (e.g. a dining room is more essential than a living room etc.).

2) Heker Tzir: When the doorway has a door, our mesorah is to use the direction which the door opens as an indicator of which side is considered “inside”, since a door normally opens into a room.

Exceptions to this rule are: (a) a door which opens out to an unenclosed outdoor area[5] or (b) a door which opens away from a room without a window (that can open wide enough for a person to go through)[6]. In these cases, the mezuzah is placed on the right side entering the room.

3) Height: Ideally, the mezuzah should be placed at the bottom of the top third of the doorpost[7]. When the doorway is so high that placing it at that height would leave it above average view, it is then placed at average shoulder height[8]. If the doorway is arched or has other curvatures, a shailah should be asked.

4) Depth: Optimally, a mezuzah should be placed in the outermost tefach within the entranceway[9]. If this is not possible, the mezuzah can be placed closer in. If it is not possible to place the mezuzah within the doorway before the door, a competent rabbi should be consulted.

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