Bluetooth during Davening

By Rabbi Chaim Chazzan


Is one permitted to wear a Bluetooth device during davening?


The Navi Amos prompted, “Hikon likras Elokecha Yisroel,” Prepare yourself before you daven to Hashem. Chazal derived from this that one should conduct himself during davening as one who stands before an important person. This will change according to the culture of a particular place and the custom of the time.

For example, those who were raised in areas where it was the norm to wear sandals without socks or not to wear a hat and jacket during davening or when standing before important people, they may dress as such during davening. But one who would wear a hat and jacket when speaking to a rov or attending a chassunah etc, according to halacha it becomes obligatory for him to dress as such when davening, under the rubric of “hikon”.

If the time for davening is passing and one is unable to find appropriate garb (b’shas hadchak), even if his feet are completely uncovered, he should still daven. Whether one should miss davening with a minyan in order to daven with a hat and jacket is disputed among contemporary poskim and one should consult a rov for a psak.

The Alter Rebbe cautions not to wear gloves while davening. However, if it is cold and it is obvious that one is wearing gloves due to the cold temperature, poskim write that it is permitted.

Since when entering an important meeting one would remove his Bluetooth device, he must also remove it during davening.

עמוס ד,יב, שבת י ע”א, ברכות כה ע”א, שו”ע אדה”ז סי’ צא ס”י, משנ”ב שם ס”ק יא וי”ב, שו”ת דברי יציב ח”א סי’ ס, שו”ת אג”מ יו”ד ח”ג סוס”י סח, הליכות שלמה פ”ב אות טו, תפלה כהלכתה פז הע’ פ, ערוך השולחן שם ס”ו, שו”ת באר משה ח”ד סי’ לט, שו”ת נטע שורק או”ח סי’ ו.

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