Tranquility and Self-Confidence

By: Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui


The following is a quote from one of the great mystics. “Thoughts and the ability to visualize are incredibly powerful. As if it were convincing and lifelike, these faculties will place a person anywhere. At that moment the person is totally elevated from the nonsense and trivia of the earthly reality. His awareness, his consciousness, his aspirations travel away. His thoughts are dancing, elevated in the realm of the spirit and soul, and his flesh is detached and perhaps even estranged from him…”

It is possible for a person to physically be in one place, an unpleasant place, and be completely and totally unaffected, through his thoughts that put him in a place of peace and tranquility.

”The Baal Shem Tov said, “Where a person’s thoughts are, that is where the person (truly) is. “ In the seminal book on mysticism the Zohar, it says. “The Human existence – is thought”.  It is through the channel of one’s thoughts, at the top of one’s form, the soul energy of a person, the quality of his life and his feelings are drawn and then shine in one’s body.  The desire for something and the resolve and determination inside a person must work with and through ones thoughts.

Strength and weakness in a person’s life are all the result of ones thoughts. Thought is compared sometimes to a funnel. In the same way that through a funnel water is given shape and  is directed ,  it is through the conduit of thought that the full power or weakness  of the soul will  make its’ way into a person’s  actual body.

Thoughts that accentuate optimism, faith in G-d and happy beliefs will shape and express the soul accordingly. Negative thoughts give shape to the soul and with that everything about the person to reduce itself to that undesirable pattern. The influence of good thoughts on the soul is far greater and deeper than speech and action, because of its closeness and constant attachment with the soul.

G-dly words and inspiration, for example the book of Psalms, are the ultimate in good and positive thoughts of wisdom and light. They are particularly beneficial to influence, mold, and direct the soul and one’s life for the good.

When a person thinks G-dly thoughts, which is most compatible with the spark of G-d within, they encompass and synergize with the soul and this will trigger from ones essence and depth the full shine and infinite light that knows no bounds. This will allow the soul, a spark of G-d, to bring forth the strongest of life itself and makes any person in whatever circumstances they are in feel both peaceful and at the zenith of personal confidence.

Thoughts that are the opposite of Holiness and G-dliness will cause tremendous hurt to a person, by going against the nature of one’s own soul and strangling the soul. This choice, to think non-worthy, negative thoughts places a perimeter on the soul and reduces the soul of its light in the body which results in darkness and uncertainty.

The positive influence of a good thought, finer speech and actions is much greater on the soul than a bad one. “Greater is the measure of goodness over the measure of punishment.” A small positive light will chase away much darkness from a large dark room. Positive, inspiring thoughts are more powerful than the darkness caused by negative thoughts.

The more a person accustoms and trains oneself to think positive thoughts, the more we habituate our souls to flow in a positive direction which brings about great positive results.


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