Like a Child

By Rabbi Dovid Markel


On the last Rosh HaShana of R. Nachman of Breslov’s life he was extremely sick. (He passed away soon after, during the intermediate days of Sukkos.)

His grandchild Yisroel (the son of his daughter Sara), a child of three or four, was present during those last few weeks of his holy grandfather’s life.

During the visit, R. Nachman turned to his grandson and said: “Yisroel, pray to G-d for me that I should return to my health.”

His grandchild responded with a bargain and said, “Give me your watch and I will pray for you.” Upon receiving the watch the child said, “G-d, G-d, make my grandfather well.”

Those hearing the child’s prayer were amused and began to chuckle. The Rebbe, R. Nachman turned to them and said: “This is in truth the manner that one should pray. For how else should one pray, if not like a child requesting something from his father?”

(Hishtapchus Hanefesh 46)


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