By: Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui


Why are people so afraid to use the word, G-d?

They  have no problem with,  “Universe”,  “the  energy  force”,  “love”, “ Universal  energy”, “ Infinity “, “Ultimate Reality”, “Cosmic Energy”,  “ Mother nature “, and the list goes on to name just a few vague designations and  aliases. Does anyone really understand what these names mean specifically? Or is it just some feel good distraction into an otherworldly outer space?

What does Mother Nature mean, and who created Mother Nature? What makes anyone so sure the “ultimate reality” is “Love”? How and where does intelligence and wisdom fit into the picture? What makes you so sure with any of these names, that it is so perfect?

If you walked into a factory producing from raw ingredients a delicious mouthwatering freshly baked pastry and then, packed ever so neatly into an attractive package, would you refer to the “cosmic force” who designed the entire process for the sake of love? Or, would you have no problem referring to the person or people behind this wonderful process, as intelligent wise engineers? That would also mean you have to pay for the pastry before you walk out of this factory.

Could anyone be considered rational and suggest a jumbo jet or a 100 story building built years ago and discovered in the desert somewhere, came together by some freak of nature and a confluence of winds and energies that happened to put this intricate combination of substances and machinery together?

So why should anyone think, human beings who keep on popping out to the world just happen by itself? Why should anyone think for a moment that the intricate design of one atom just got wafted and propelled by itself, into its state of existence?

It is pretty sensible, and VERY logical, to consider the world as the creation of a wise and intelligent creator. This, besides all the personal testimony that is recorded for example in the book of the Bible. The problem is then one must ask, so why did He/She create the world? What does this intelligent force want from me? Why was I, created?

People would rather ignore good sense than the thought and feelings of more responsibilities and guilt that comes with the realization that perhaps there is a G-d. People don’t want to feel controlled and ordered what to do and what not to do by the mission they were sent here to accomplish.

The problem is, if one doesn’t commit themselves to the limitations and reality of the compass, while they journey the rough seas of life, they stand a good chance of never getting anywhere worthwhile. So while they may enjoy fishing every day and drifting along in freedom, the underlying awareness they aren’t getting anywhere must eventually gnaw at their consciousness, that in truth they are lost and just drifting about meaninglessly and senselessly.

When a person acknowledges and unceasingly works on personally appreciating, there is a G-d, always was and always will be, who is by His very nature infinite. This G-d, since He is infinite surpasses any male female description, and incorporates the ultimate perfection of everything. This G-d in all His perfect wisdom created a Universe that is way beyond the comprehension of any human being now or forever. This G-d in all His glory created me, and I am as important to G-d as the greatest planet in the universe because, in front of infinity, nothing is more than the other, everything receives equal attention.

This is true self-empowerment.  This is ultimately, the greatest personal assurance in life, which carries lasting and deep, peace of mind.


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