Joy That Lasts

By: Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui


There is only one way for a person to experience a joy that once attained is forever, and that is by being a soul person.

The kind of joy and happiness that knows no limits must be connected to the energy that has no limits and is infinite i.e. the soul, G-dliness. Living with soul, identifying with the spark of G-d within, liberates a person from the vicissitudes of an ever changing world and the limited existence of the physical.

G-dliness is spiritual, but for many people spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean G-dliness.

For many people spirituality is anything they can’t see or touch with their five senses. To be sure, intellect and emotions are spiritual but many times they are not G-dly.

G-dliness, is the state of connecting with and emulating, living by the standards of the creative positive force that is the credit to this existence.

The Talmud says a story that once a fellow by the name of Nachum was traveling to Rome. On his way at an inn, the innkeeper emptied his box of diamonds and jewels he was bringing as a gift to the Caesar and exchanged them for stones and dirt so he would not immediately realize what happened. When he came to the ruler and presented the gift, the Caesar wanted to kill him for being offensive. Nachum’s reaction was not focused on the surface of what was going on, but he already trained his eyes and heart to see deeper, to the source that makes everything happen and he thought, “this too (all that happens and is orchestrated by G-d) is for the good”.

The Talmud continues, the stones and earth turned into a valuable resource for the king, miraculously.

Mysticism explains that because Nachum lived on the level of the soul, his own and that of the world, he always saw G-d in everything and was not fazed by surface appearances. He was able to connect with the spark of goodness that is in everything and through this attitude draw out the good to the surface.

A G-dly person understands that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Life is not about money and more cars and a bigger home. Yes a car can serve the purpose of G-dliness, but the pleasure of a car in itself is hollow and empty.

A G-dly person understands, life is not of the body. Living on the level of a body he would be no different than an animal.

A person who is G-dly manifests and exhibits the G-dly character traits of humility kindness, care for others, a desire to improve and make things better for others and a clear understanding of right from wrong. A person of this sort, strength and joy is his lot. There is meaning and purpose to everything, which brings self-confidence. This person knows and feels, “G-d is with me and I shall fear nothing”. This, is true Joy.


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