Enjoying Life

By: Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui


We were talking about anxiety.

What brings it on and how to relieve ourselves of the stress, uneasiness and apprehension associated with high anxiety. If left unaddressed, ultimately this takes its’ toll on any human being in a major way. I am aware that there is a whole bunch of advice out there which includes, exercising, breathing techniques, and many other approaches, however, most important is the attitude and mindset of the person. It’s not just a matter of putting on a smile, and technique, it’s all about what’s going on behind the surface movement of ones face, insides one’s head.

Only a person with a firm and unyielding belief system can build for himself an edifice that will not crack under the daily vicissitudes of life.

Part of what brings on stress and anxiety is the constant internal struggle and the perplexity a person is living with, many times on a subconscious level. He doesn’t even realize what’s going on inside. On the one hand he wants to become rich and famous, on the other hand she wants to work out and look good. On the one hand he wants to be fulfilled spiritually inside, on the other hand she wants to hang out with the girls, be part of the fun and not appear like an oddball. A psychological and emotional tug of war, on a continual and persistent basis. Being pulled in so many directions, it’s no wonder that after a while a person doesn’t know who they are and where they are going.

No wonder the person is unsure of the future and craves for control and self-empowerment. No wonder, the person feels insecure and has an excessive need for approval. No wonder, the person overcompensates for their insecurities by seeking perfectionism.

Peace, is when the many different sides and perspectives are living in harmony with each other. All the different sides still retain their own individuality, however they are all directed and influenced under one canopy, big enough to encompass the many different interests. A common ground, greater than the many vast differences, which separate one from another.

Every human being if they are to be strong in life must develop their trust in G-d. This is one of the cornerstones and fundamental pillars to a sturdy and secure life. This is the canopy, big enough to cover all pursuits in a person’s life. This isn’t something that happens just by saying your trust in G-d. This comes from a conscious effort to feed ones faith on a daily basis, by studying the Bible and mysticism, related to this specific topic, and then meditating on those concepts in prayer.

A person, who trusts in G-d, will never give up or become despondent. Whatever appears to be happening he is strong in his trust that through his prayers and good deeds, things can and will turn around for the good, in a way that can be visible appreciated. Trust in G-d is strong enough, to unify the many different directions people are drawn to in life.

Prayer in itself is tremendously therapeutic. During prayer and meditation on the greatness of G-d, a person is transported, uplifted and enveloped in a secure place where everything is for the good. Not only does he trust that it’s all for the good, but has to go through some temporary inconveniences, but further, he strengthens and develops a solid trust in G-d that brings and transports a person to a place where the actual occurrence in the present tense, can be appreciated as being for the good.

Being alive in the fullest measure, means living every moment to the fullest degree. For this a person must be in a joyous frame of mind, since joy is the emotion that breaks any barriers that may hinder a person from enjoying and living life to the fullest.

Instead of anxiety and constrictions in life, and existence weighing heavy on a person’s shoulder, a person who develops his faith and trust in G-d that He is entirely good, light, brilliant, and positive, will have complete joy and a great life to enjoy.


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