Destroying Idols

By Rabbi Dovid Markel


While G-d created man in His image, modern culture has created G-d’s out of our own image.

We have become not only the heroes of our own stories but the incessant drive for self-fulfillment and reaching the zenith of personal success is driven by the need for self-adulation and votary. In a sense, we have become our own gods.

As our personal idol, we at worst serve our personal drives and impulses, and at best serve our own conscience and moral sense rather than ideals greater than our own.

The noxious quest for morality based on empiricism has really nothing to do with ethics per se but is in truth nothing more than life guided by self-love, unregulated impulse, and undiluted self-interest.

The iconoclast of today is the individual willing to let go of the prevailing attitudes of self-service and cease needing to be the hero and god of his or her story.

Instead, he attaches himself to ideals, values, and goals deeper than his own. Rather than this sense of humility and bittul being one that breaks his identity, it is in truth the opposite.

By conquering your greatest enemy – your personal whims and self-interest – you are able to reach heights that before had been unimaginable.

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