Are You Afraid To Believe In G-d?

By: Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui


So many people talk about Mother Nature, the force out there, call it whatever you want…. What are they talking about? Are these people ascribing power to the unknown, blindly?

Believe there is a solution to every problem, and if you think positive it will be positive. Last time I checked, people are dying left and right suddenly, unexpected, in accidents illnesses etc. They haven’t seen any answers to, their problems. People in hospital beds, thinking all the positive in the world and dying anyway.

You ever hear of statistics and probabilities? When was the last time anyone was ready to throw a thousand dollars at a company stock on the basis of, thinking positive? If 75% of the times chances are to the negative, you really have to be blind to think totally positive.

Why is it people are so afraid to use the word, G-d? The moment G-d is introduced, “you must be a religious fanatic. Some throw back or something.” The last time I heard the news, people were killing each other for life insurance policies, robbing stores for its money,  or just plain going nuts and going on killing rages because of negative influences stemming from horror movies and/or drugs.

Maybe the throw back and problem isn’t G-d after all? Perhaps what’s causing some in our society to be living like cave men, the culprits are, money, drugs, and horror movies?

According to the latest polls 90 % of Americans believe in G-d. So why are we so afraid to say so, in our schools and in public and to our friends?

Once a King was speaking to his advisor about the possibility of a G-d. By mistake he tipped over the ink wells on the table in front of him and they spilled on his royal clothes and on the table in front of him. The king excused himself to change his clothes. The advisor quickly cleaned up the mess on the table and came up with a brilliant idea.

As an accomplished artist he drew in the place of the ink mess a beautiful picture of the gorgeous landscape as seen through the windows of the palace. When the king came back he asked the advisor, what happened on the table, where did the beautiful picture come from? The advisor told the king that the ink that spilled over, formed itself into the sophisticated picture.

The king told the advisor to stop pulling his leg. It is impossible that inanimate ink could form itself into exact precise locations and intelligently make itself. “Only someone with a great mind and talent could draw such a beautiful portrayal of my garden” said the king.

The advisor then told the king, “Why should anyone be thinking differently when it comes to the beautiful landscape of the huge universe in all its precision and beauty?”

No one would ever believe a novel of a thousand pages that keeps every reader in suspense from page one to the very last paragraph and includes so much wisdom came together just randomly by all the letters falling into place. Why then should we think the universe with infinitely so many more components and so much more complex and complicated than the most difficult text book, happened randomly?

All this is besides the personal testimony of countless otherwise intelligent scholars and sages over the generations who have personally experienced and communicated with what they have clearly said, was the One and Only, G-d.

People hesitate to use G-d because, if there is a G-d, we must be beholden to Him, and for some people that’s pretty scary. Truth is, when viewed properly, the thought and acceptance in our heart that there is a G-d is extremely comforting.  Using every opportunity to strengthen our relationship with G-d is most fulfilling and gratifying.


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