The Splitting of the Sea

By: Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui


The last days of Passover commemorate the miracle of the splitting of the reed sea and all the Israelites passing through the water in 12 distinct paths on dry land. The bible tells us, the miracles at that time were even greater than those witnessed and experienced when going out of Egypt. “A maidservant saw at the splitting of the reed sea more than the prophet Ezekiel did in his time.” “Children were pointing at G-d and saying, “this is MY G-d and I will beautify him.”

The last days of Passover is also connected to the ultimate redemption with the coming of Moshiach. What is the connection?

Our sages, thousands of years ago tell us that everything a person has on dry land can be found in the seas. There is no basic essential difference between the two. Inside the waters there is a rich world even greater than on land, with an incredible and marvelous amount of various species of life. The difference is only to our eyes.

On dry land we see everything before our very own eyes revealed and open.  While, the wondrous life that exists in the waters is more difficult to reach, see and experience because it is hidden and concealed from us by the waters.

In this context, the seas represent concealment and a lack of revelation albeit there is a much greater reality there.

Openly, we only see the physical and materialistic side to things. Openly we know we are being lied to. These are the waters that conceal and cover the truth. The fact that the world presents itself as the ultimate and hides G-d from us is the greatest turbulent waters we can encounter.

With this thought in mind, splitting of the seas would mean opening up before us and uncovering the truth behind it all. That everything is really for the good. That there really is rhythm and rhyme to all the madness. The essence, the spirit, the real meaning that is mostly hidden from us becomes revealed. Instead of being fooled by what we see we appreciate and realize more apparently the G-dly spark and wisdom that is hidden inside.

This is exactly what happened with the splitting of the reed sea. The miracle was not only physical and the actual waters split at that time. Much more took place, and what happened physically was only a  mirror of what was taking place spiritually.  The curtain of concealment was lifted and so the infinite which is always present, G-d, became noticed. Seeing G-d, means seeing the wisdom in everything. Children were now able to see G-d as a reality just like they see their toys.

When Moshiach comes speedily in our days, “the honor of G-d will be revealed and all flesh together will see that it is the word of G-d that is speaking.”  “The world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d like the waters fill the seas”.

We will walk in the streets and we will constantly hear the uplifting song and music of the Angels who are continuously singing G-ds praise. That is why it will be a time of eternal joy and happiness, “Then our mouths will be filled with laughter, and our tongue with songs of joy.”

At the splitting of the sea this was a onetime occurrence. With the coming of Moshiach, G-d willing very soon, this will become the normal way of the universe.


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