The four kosos with a fire

After the passing of the holy tzaddik Reb Menachem Mendel of Vorki, many of his chassidim accepted the tzaddik Reb Berish of Biala as Rebbe.

On the first night of Pesach, they brought him an expensive gift: a large silver Kos shel Eliyahu which was able to hold the amount of an entire bottle of wine. The tzaddik decided that for hiddur mitzvah, he would use this cup for the Arba Kosos, and since he was careful to drink each cup entirely, at that seder he drank four bottles of wine, yet, this was not apparent at all and he was not at all drunk externally!

The Seder was conducted with fiery passion until the early morning hours, after which the tzaddik rested for fifteen minutes and then went straight to shul, davening until four in the afternoon. He then had the seuda and went to prepare himself for Mairiv.

The time for the second seder arrived, and as he had done the night before, the Rebbe drank four bottles of wine, and once again the seder extended throughout the night. The following morning, the Rebbe went immediately to daven, finishing late in the afternoon.

(באהלי צדיקים ע’ שנ)

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