A Jew & A Pig

A thought from R. Tzadok:

The Jew is the opposite of the pig. Concerning the pig, the midrash (Bereishit Rabba 65:1) states “that though it is non-kosher, it shows off its split hooves, acting as if it were.”

The Jew is the opposite: It vocally shouts “arur Mordechai, baruch Haman,” but it cannot escape its core identity.

If someone is truly discerning – which as Rashi explains (Shemot 31:3) means that he is possessing ruach hakodesh,” he’ll clearly see the heart of the Jew – the essence, that come what may, he cannot be separated from G-d almighty, and all his sin is merely an external bluff.

(Machshevet Charutz, pg. 144)

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