Let’s go to Tzion

One time there arrived at the home R’ Yisroel of Koznitz a Jewish soldier from the Cantonists and requested that he able to join them for the seder. Reb Yisroel gladly obliged and the simple jew joined his table.

Throughout that entire Seder the guest sat completely quiet without his presence being felt at all. However, when they reached the song “Peduyim Ltizyon Berina”, the soldier’s voice was suddenly heard. He was singing over and over “”Peduyim Ltizyon Berina “.

All of a sudden the soldier stood up and announced in a loud voice; Feidom L’tzion, which in Russian means let us go to tzion. R’ Yisroel looked at him in shock not sure what was happening. And then a sad look appeared on the eyes of the “simple” soldier. Right away R’ yisroel realizing what had happened got up and declared “I’m ready to go”! But the soldier was no longer there….

(אימרת השבוע)

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