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The Neirot Foundation of Jewish Thought is a not for profit 501c3 organization that is committed to providing authentic Jewish content and knowledge to the greater Jewish community. We firmly believe that the single, most powerful tool in strengthening Jewish practice and values is the dissemination of Torah knowledge. The word Neirot-candles aptly describes our mission. The internet can at times be a place filled with darkness. We know, however, that just as a candle can dispel the darkness, so too can the light of Jewish knowledge illuminate the world, as well as the minds and hearts of world Jewry, one person at a time.


Though there are many foundations that offer Jewish content, both online and off, what sets the Neirot Foundation apart is its focus on making available high-caliber, authentic Jewish thought to the masses. The brilliant light of Kabbalah, Chassidus, Talmud and Jewish philosophy has been lost to the world at large due to language barriers and the obscurity and complexity of ideas. At we are reversing this trend. Our focus is to present the diamonds and pearls of Torah through translating timeless pieces of Kabbalastic and Chassidic thought, as well as compiling essays and articles that cull from millennia of Jewish scholarship.


As a center for Jewish thought we provide a full gamut of topics ranging from the mystical to the mundane. Whether one is interested in Torah’s esoteric wisdom or a better understanding of Jewish values, the Neirot foundation is the place to come. We offer articles that are of special interest to women, relationships and childrearing, as well as articles on the various Jewish holidays, serious study and lighter inspiration. Our material is intriguing and captivating to an advanced Jewish content consumer and digestible to a beginner as well.


Maimonides writes in the end of his magnum opus that the messianic era will be a time when the knowledge of G-d will cover the world, as water covers the ocean bed. The Neirot Foundation’s ultimate goal is to herald in this era through the dissemination of G-dly knowledge. We pride ourselves in our goal of reaching  each and every Jew, through the inspiration of G-dliness and Torah.


Our strong hope is for our readers to take the inspiration that they have gained and become our partners in spreading this light further to inspire a colleague, friend, or family member. As each one of us becomes a lamplighter, we will affect a change so great, that the whole world will be engulfed with the light of Torah.

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